Friday, December 31, 2010

As 2010 Comes To A Close...

Wow! I can not believe this is the last day of 2010, can you? At the beginning of the year I wrote a list of my 2010 NYE Resolutions - you can see that blog here As a refresher here is what I listed, along with how/if I fulfilled them.

* Buy A New Camera
I actually bought a new camera right after Halloween! I also bought two new lenses this year and several additional equipment

*Offer One Holiday Mini Session
YES! I offered a Fall mini this year Whimsey Hollow along with State Fair of Texas mini this year and both were overwhelmingly successful!

* Do At Least 30 Photo Shoots This Year (excluding weddings)
Ok so this one made me nervous when I originally wrote it - considering that in 2009 I did 10 shoots total, I really had NO idea what to expect but I did 42 shoots this year, I'm very happy with that ;)

* Shoot At Least One Wedding This Year
Drum Roll.... Four Weddings for 2010!!!!

* Work On Branding, Marketing, Packages, Etc...
I got a new logo, created and designed my new business cards, created wedding packages, lots of new paper print info made.

I think this year may the first year I actually completed all of my New Year Resolutions! haha

I am absolutely BLOWN away by all the new clients I have met this year, along with my returning customers it seriously makes my eyes water thinking about it. Many of these clients have turned into actual friends. Thank you to all of my families this year - thank you for trusting me with your kids and trusting me when I ask you to do some crazy stuff. Thanks for all of my couples - you guys are awesome, thank you for allowing me to capture your love and having fun with the shoots and totally going for it when I ask you to "make out" while the camera is in your face. To all of the kids I was able to work with - thank you for giving me high fives - you make my heart smile. To all of my Brides (and Grooms) - thank you thank you thank you - wow it was an honor to be apart of your special day - thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me.

And lastly, thank you to all of my friends and family for believing in me, pushing me and sometimes being brutally honest. I could not of made it this far without y'all!

I cant wait to show you what all 2011 has in store! Its gonna rock - I just hope I can keep up! Hold on tight friends ;)


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christopher, Rachel, Zack & Zoey

This is the photo shoot that I was almost convinced wasn't going to happen. See, I was squeezing Rachel and Chris in because Chris lives in Colorado and was only going to be in town this one weekend so they had to get pictures on this certain Saturday. Well, the night before the shoot Rachel calls and tells me that Chris flight has been delayed and they have NO idea when he will get on another flight. Around midnight Rachel texts me saying he just got on a flight so we were still on for the morning shoot! The next morning, I get to the location and little did I know there was a parade at the same time in the same area as the shoot!!! All of Waxahachie was there I swear hahah. So, as I'm frantically trying to come up with a different plan, ( knowing they will be here anytime) Rachel calls and tells me they just had a flat tire! At this point all we could do was laugh - seemed everything was trying to slow this shoot down. Thankfully, they were able to make it shortly after the parade was clearing out. From then on it was easy sailing (thank goodness!). Let me just tell you how happy I am that we didn't cancel - not only do I love their pictures, but I met a very awesome couple and some sweet kids - Rachel and I became instant friends! They are all so fun!
Zoey is little miss priss - she had the best poses - i seriously did not coach this child with any of her poses - this is 100% Zoey!
Zack is such a sweet kid - he was such a ham ;)
I'm seriously in love with this picture.

Ok so let me do some explaining on these next few pictures. See, as I said earlier, Chris lives in Colorado - but him and Rachel are head over heels in LOVE ;) So Chris bought Rachel a ring for Christmas - yes a RING - a big gorgeous ring! The problem is they had yet to tell the kids, but they REALLY wanted to get a few "engagement" type shots since Chris wouldn't be back down for a few months. So while the kids were occupied we broke out the ring. Well Zack immediately noticed. As soon as Chris pulled it out of his pocket Zack ran over to him, Rachel and I were exchanging nervous glances, and he asked Chris if that was a ring. The he whispered to Chris "Ask my mom to marry you!" He was giddy with excitement and went on telling Chris how he is to hold out the ring and what to say. Needless to say, my heart melted...but I made sure to keep snappin so I could document this sweet moment....

As you can see it was a very special moment for this "soon to be" family ;) And now for a close up of that ring!
And just FYI - I received news yesterday that the engagement is now OFFICIAL! Congrats you two - the love you have for each other is so evident and sweet. I wish you all a lifetime of love and laughter ;)

Chris, Rachel, Zack & Zoey  - you guys ROCK! Thank you so much for allowing me a glimpse into your world! I hope to see y'all again soon!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Key Family!

I met the Key family at The Gaylord for some Christmas photos - word of advice: Go to the Gaylord early in the morning (I'm talking by 8:00am or late at night - after 11:00pm) if you want Christmas photos - otherwise there will be tons of people and it will make it very hard to get good photos without lots of patience! haha We met on a Sunday morning and it was still crowded. Thankfully, the kids did so well and were so patient in all the madness! This family is absolutely adorable and so laid back - always a pleasure working with them! You may remember Cameron from this summer when I did his new born pictures - yes he has grown THAT much!
Jennifer, Daniel, Kaitlyn & Cameron
Seriously so sweet
Love this one of father and son ;)
Ok Kaitlyn is the one kid who always gives me the BEST "silly faces" - I love her for that!
Jen - you are beautiful - and you have some cute kids!
Good grief - those eyes!
In Santa's sleigh!

Merry Christmas Key Family! I always love seeing y'all!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mandy, Caitlyn, Caylee & Jovie

I met Mandy and her girls a few days after Thanksgiving to get a few family Christmas pictures. I absolutely love this family. Mandy has been an amazing friend in my life since I was eleven years old, she actually introduced me to my best friend, Amy (see post below) - they are cousins! Mandy has always been like the big sister I never had - I have had so many wonderful talks and laughs with her. I can not tell you how glad I am that she is still in my life :) Mandy has three adorable girls that I seriously could of taken pics of the ENTIRE day - Caitlyn and Caylee know how to work a camera and I was in love with some of their pictures - so this entry may be a little long...

Caitlyn - I seriously love this picture - the look on her face is perfection!
Caylee - so beautiful
We also had the girls cousin, Chase, join us for a few pictures - he was so sweet ;)
Jovie - she is such a doll!
Add caption

Ok seriously - your eyes rock!
I really love this one of Jovie
I'm so glad I captured a few of these "sister moments"

Thanks girls for being so fun - y'all are each so gorgeous - I hope to see ya again soon!


Monday, December 13, 2010

My Favorite (Armstrong) Family!

So let me introduce you to my second family - 
Meet (from left to right) Jesse, Destiny, Amy, Bobby, Debbie and Charlie. I have known this family since I was in 6th grade! Amy and I met at church and almost instantly became best friends...I say almost because Amy has some crazy story (that I don't remember) about me being a snob about coming to her birthday party when we first met. ANYWAYS, I spent many weekends at their house with lots of homemade (delicious) dinners by mama Debbie. If Amys old bedroom could talk the stories it would tell... Growing up it was just Amy and Jesse and then a few years ago Debbie and Charlie adopted Bobby and Destinee - this is such a giving family!  I was honored to take some family photos of them and, as always, we had lots of laughs!
Ok so anyone who knows Jesse know this is such a "Jesse Pose" I'm so glad I got it on camera - its perfection! ha

So this picture was just for fun - but I HAD to post it because it is just one of the many reasons why I LOVE these two ;)
This is seriously one of the sweetest but most hilarious guys you will ever meet - ladies he is single - contact me!

This is Amy - we have been through so much since we were 11 years old (that's 17 years ago!!!!!!!!) We have stories that would make you pee your pants laughing or hang your mouth in disbelief. We have been room mates (twice), runaways (only for a few hours - then we gave up), detectives (we are PROS at finding stuff out - we are up for hire), She was the maid of honor in my wedding, and she would fight for me (I have weak arms). I could go on and on about how much she means to me...she is one of those friends I will have for life and no matter how far apart we are we will always be super close. I love you Amy Ruth!

And to the rest of the Armstrong clan - I love you all so much - thank you for allowing me to be apart of your family! 


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Lauterbach Family!

I met the Lauterbachs in downtown Waxahachie a few days before Thanksgiving - I had never met this family but let me tell you I instantly loved them! They were all so fun and had me laughing non stop. You know how there are certain people you can be around and they just give off a vibe (like you can feel the love or the tension for that matter)? Well this family just gives off a happy vibe - you seriously cant help but smile when you are around them. All of the kids were amazing! They all were so cooperative and never once did I have to become "bossy photographer" hahah 
This is one of my favorite family shots. Ever.

I cant help but smile every time I look at this one
I absolutely loved Lexi's eyes - such a great color.
Meet Ava - no, she isnt a doll - she is real and absolutely ADORABLE!
Dont ask why but I really love this one - it deserves a canvas..or at least a frame
And this one - oh this one belongs in the bedroom! its smokin HOTT!
I absolutely love this last one - I know their life must be chaotic with 4 kids - but its obvious there is alot of love in this family ;)

Dennis, Jackie, Liana, Lexi, Luke & Ava - 
I had a blast working with yall! Thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of your family for a few hours - hope to see yall again soon!