Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The King Kiddos

A few weeks ago I did a summer fun session with Kenni & Keaton in their grandparents back yard. Despite the heat, we had so much fun! Kenni was cracking me up the whole time and was so great - she didn't complain not once...this was by far the fastest kid session I had ever done - Amber (their mom) totally rocked and had everything organized and ready to go when I got there - I was amazed - and yes, I should put Amber on my payroll haha. These kids are seriously CUTE  -enjoy!
This is one of my favs - it just screams summer!
 Don't you want one of him??? Keaton is a DOLL

See what I mean? They are adorable! Kenni and Keaton  -thanks for letting me be apart of your summer!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Specials and Discounts!

Just a quick note to let you know I am starting a mailing list! If you would like to be on it, please leave me a comment with your email address or email me at:  

Be the first to know about upcoming mini sessions and other promotions. You will also receive special discounts and get first grabs at booking! So hurry up and send me your email address - lots of great stuff coming soon!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Elena, Fabian and Maria

Several weeks ago I headed out to Palmer to do a shoot with a family referred to me by Mandy Phillips (shout out). I was already excited because it was at their ranch and it was as the sun was setting - little did I know how amazing this ranch would look like as the sun was setting :) Oh holy moly! We had some great laughs and they were all so sweet and THANK GOD Fabian had a big, hot, cowboy truck to drive us all around in - I don't know what I would of done have we had to walk all those acres in the heat. Just so you understand - Fabian and Elena are in love (been together like 5+ years - hellloooo Fabian - cough cough Elena is amazing - what are you waiting for cough cough) and then Maria is Fabians mom who was so sweet and funny - this was part of her birthday present ;)
So they are sitting where they plan to one day build a house :) loves!
Oh glorious light - I loved this field.
Elena - you are oh so pretty!
Reminds me of a old John Wayne movie. I'm weird. Ok I'm shushing now.

This is momma Maria - Happy Birthday!!!!
I seriously love horses.
love this one of mom and son - really captures how he adores her and how proud she is of him.

umm raise your hand if this picture just makes you want a cowboy...
Really I feel like Marlboro or Stetson should pay me for this picture.
This was one of my favs - It just screams sexy to me - oh lawdy!

Elena, Fabian and Maria - it was so nice meeting y'all - I had such a great time and hope to see y'all again in the future!