Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Bishop Family!

So this was my last shoot for 2009 and I wouldn't of wanted it with anyone else. Jana and I have been friends for over 13 YEARS! Sadly, we grew up and she moved away - now lives in California with her sweet hubby, Barry,and adorable baby Rowan. So let me just tell you how excited I was when she contacted me saying they would be in town for Christmas and wanted a session done! I had not seen her in almost 7 years so we had lots to catch up on. Isn't it the best when you have those certain friends that you can go years without seeing, but when you do its not awkward at all - its like you just pick up where you left off? Well that's Jana - and oh it just made me miss her so much more. I tried to get them to move back to Texas, but for some reason they have fallen in love living amongst movie stars and beautiful beaches (cant imagine WHY ;) - im being sarcastic) so frequent visits to Cali will just have to do - more frequent than every 7 years. Oh, we also did a photo shoot during the visit...

Jana, Barry and Rowan - it was so great seeing yall! Yall have a gorgeous family and I cant wait to see yall again - love ya!