Friday, August 19, 2011

The Ashton Family!

Remember the Ashtons? I shot their wedding almost a year ago? YEP - they are back! And this time we did some family photos! YAY!

Let me just say - I was giddy with excitement about seeing this adorable family again! They are so sweet and always so much fun to photograph.
Meet Mariah - she is absolutely precious! During our session she was wanting to run all over the place, but every time we would call her name she would turn, look at me, smile and give me a perfect pose. The problem was it would last for maybe two seconds before she was running again! ha
One thing I LOVE about working with families is I love seeing how they interact with each other. You quickly learn who the shy one is of the bunch, who's a daddys girl, the outgoing one, etc...
With the Ashtons they just have so much love for each other - you can tell that Tony is Megans biggest fan and Megan adores her husband. It's also so evident when you are with them that Mariah is the center of their world. I wish you could see the way Mariah looks at her parents - its so full of happiness and admiration!
Oh melt my heart into a million pieces. I'm sure most of you have some type of memory of doing this or something similar with your dad - so glad I was able to capture this sweet moment.
Well helllloooo gorgeous eyes!
Tony, Megan & Mariah - you have no idea how much it meant to me to work with y'all again! Thank you for being one of my most favorite SWP families - you guys seriously rock my socks! (I seriously cant believe I just said that - i'm a dork.i'm sorry.)


Friday, August 12, 2011

The Singleton's

Meet the Singleton Family!
A few months ago I got to hang out with a new SWP family, the Singletons! I always LOVE meeting new clients and I was even more excited because they were referred by one of my favorite family (shout out to the Townsleys!). The lighting was gorgeous on this particular May evening - it was humid too - but compared to the 100+ degree heat we have had for the last month the weather was perfect! :)
Oh and by the way, does the picture above not just scream fun family?!?! I smile every time I look at it ;)
This is Chloe - such a sweet girl - so full of energy and curiosity. Don't you just love that toothless grin? perfection.
And this little guy is Carter - oh my heavens, he kept me on my toes. Talk about energy - it was impossible to get him to sit still for more than 2 seconds - there was just way to much to explore! I did snag a few - and holy moly look at those eyes!!!!!!!! SWOON!
 So towards the end of the session we bribed the kids with ice cream (God bless that ice cream truck coming at just the right time). And while they were occupied I snagged a few photos of Dustin and Misty!
Bada bing bada boom! FRAME !
Now y'all can see where those kids get their gorgeous eyes!
Really love this one!

Dustin, Misty, Chloe & Carter - thank you for the fun - I had a blast working with y'all!  Hope to see y'all again!