Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Women Mini Session: Mary

Meet Mary
This was my first time to ever meet Mary, but I instantly liked her - she is SO easy to talk to! When I started editing her photos I was absolutely blown away by how photogenic she is...oh and her eyes - have mercy - her eyes are gorgeous!
Marys sweet boyfriend actually bought her this session for her Valentines Day gift - big brownie points for Elias!
OK I literally LOVED every single picture from her session - I seriously could not pick a favorite, but this one is perfect in my opinion ;)

Mary is the proud momma of TWIN one year old boys! Holy smokes can y'all believe that?!? I can not imagine what her day to day life must be like! ha She was really excited about the session because she said their birth she hadn't had much time to do anything for herself. She actually told me she almost didn't come that morning because one of the boys was sick - but she knew she needed this and decided it was ok to let Dad take care of him ;) 
Mary actually has a cosmetology license and is totally addicted to makeup! She was tons of fun and I REALLY enjoyed getting to know her! I seriously hope to see her again soon!

Mary - you are amazing - and absolutely beautiful!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Women Mini Session: Melanie

Meet Melanie

This picture was actually my very favorite from the session - I just think she looks plain gorgeous here :)

Melanie came to the shoot for a girls day (with Jennifer & Kaci) and to get some photos for her hubby. I had only met Mel once before and it was brief so I was actually real excited to get to spend some time with her and getting to know her! She is such a fun person and was down for anything - which you know I loved! ha
In her free time Melanie likes to bake & design cakes from scratch and she loves to dance!

Melanie is actually from South Carolina and recently moved to the Dallas area - when I asked her what achievement in her life has made her most proud she said that while in SC she was the regional outreach coordinator for Federations of Families. She would help children/families understand,cope and overcome emotional and mental illness. Melanie also worked with the SC Board of Education on helping them meet the needs of children that suffer with emotional and mental illness. Wow to that - I'm sure that was extremely difficult and rewarding all rolled into one!

Melanie's life moto is this: "Be who you are, say what you feel...because those that matter don't mind, those that mind don't matter"

Yeah, I'm liking that ;)  Melanie you rock!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Women Mini Session: Jennifer

Meet Jennifer
  Today is actually extra special because today is Jennifer's birthday! yay!
This was my first time meeting Jen - she had come to the session with some of her girlfriends, but I instantly liked her - she is so very sincere. 

She actually just moved here from South Carolina so she is having to get use to us crazy Texans and our insane weather ;)
 Jennifer thinks her best physical feature are her eyes - and after looking at these last two photos I would totally agree - her eyes say so much - they say the eyes are a window to your soul and when I look at this picture I can sense her inner strength ;)
Jen - it was so nice to meet you! Thank you for allowing me to capture this new adventure in your life! Remember- you are gorgeous!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Women Only Mini: KACI

Meet Kaci

Kaci is actually my brother in laws sister - so she is basically family :) Kaci is the type of person that even if you do not know her she instantly makes you feel comfortable - don't you just love people like that?!? 

Kaci thinks her best physical feature is her eyes - umm HECK YES they are - are you kidding me??
 Here are a few Q & A's from the session ;)

Q: What achievement in your life has made you the most proud?
A: Raising my handsome boys

*And let me just say - her boys are great - good in school, athletic and such gentlemen - she did good!

 Q: Tell me 3 fun facts/quirks about you...
A:  1. No matter what my haircolor - I say blonde things
2. Being with my family makes me happiest
3. I'm funny, like to dance and be silly 
I really adore this last picture - it is 100% Kaci cause everytime I see her she is laughing!

Kaci - I am sooo glad you did this session - you absolutely deserved it and are one of a kind!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women Only Mini: NATALIE

Meet Natalie
 Natalie and her bff, Darla, came all the way from the Austin area for this shoot - I was so excited to see them as I met Natalie when she was the Maid Of Honor in Darlas wedding that I shot last summer in Austin. These two are complete polar opposites - Natalie is the DIVA of the group - always has to look top notch while Darla is carefree and laid back - which made their session so fun - I laughed non stop.

Natalie is seriously funny - she has that dry, witty sense of humor that I LOVE!
Oh good gracious - this picture left me with my mouth hanging open - Nat you are absolutely stunning - don't ever forget that. 

Thank you so much for coming down - it was so fun to see y'all again! 


Monday, March 7, 2011

Women Only Mini: GRACIN

I am so excited to start showing you all of the amazing women from my first Women Only Mini Session! Everyone had so much fun and it was a HUGE success - Im looking forward to many more ;)

Meet Gracin 
 Gracin - was so fun and was totally down for anything - which you know I LOVED! ha She is a Sophmore at Red Oak High School where she is in the Band and plays Soft Ball. 

The fact that she has accomplished so much in life is what she is most proud of and when I asked her what she would want the world to know about her she simply responded with "That I am always there for anyone who needs to talk - even if I barely know you." I loved that response - to me that just showed how compassionate she is for others - the fact that the one thing she would want the world to know is that she cares and is always willing to listen to what YOU have to say - wow - Gracin - I hope you never ever loose that ;)

One of the reasons Gracin signed up for the mini session was because she thought it would be an amazing experience and she wanted to spend some one on one time with her boyfriends mom ;) I truly hope she walked away feeling beautiful and good about herself cause she has a lot to offer.
Gracin - It was so great meeting you - I hope to see you again soon! Now go kick some softball booty! ha 


Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm still here...

WOW - I have been SO busy! I apologize to all you friends that come here and keep seeing the same post because of my pathetic lack of updates! ha I promise im here - working hard and lots of new posts are right around the corner! Please give me just a little bit more time :)