Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Taylor - Waxhachie High School SR 2011

I have known the Spradling family for several years now, but had never really had the chance to get to know Taylor, so I was super excited when her parents asked me to do her senior pictures! She is seriously one of the sweetest girls ever! I had so much fun with her and even though it was freakishly hot outside and we were melting she still totally rocked it! Taylor plans to attend either Texas A&M, Texas State or UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS! Yes, I am aware that I just put UT in caps. Yes, I am not an Aggie fan (but I still love my Aggie clients) and am all for her becoming a TX Longhorn! ha Did I mention this would break her fathers heart? ha I think he would give his right arm for her to become a Razorback (bleh) or go to Baylor :) Either way - whatever you choose Taylor - everyone will be proud! She plans to become a elementary teacher - which she will be perfect at, because she is so sweet and kids love her - did I mention her cute niece and nephew are Kennedi and Keaton? (scroll down a few posts). Ok I'm shushing now - Ill let the photos do the talking...

 Umm hello gorgeous!

Taylors boyfriend, Colton, plays minor league baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates, so she wanted a few in his jersey and with this adorable bear he made her - it even says "i love you" in Colts voice - yeah so stinkin cute its sickenin!

I seriously love this picture!

 And another favorite!

Stop with the hottness! GEEZ!

Taylor - Thank you so so much for allowing me to capture this special/exciting/scary time in your life - you are beautiful both inside and out! I wish you the very best of  luck!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Daniel Turns One!

 A few weeks ago Amy, Emily and Daniel came down from Lufkin for Daniels one yr old shoot. I love this family! Amy is my older cousin and we could spend hours talking and telling you childhood stories that would make you wet your pants. We were seriously ridiculous, I have some of my best childhood memories with her and I love her to death! And Emily is by far one of the funniest people you will ever meet. She is a riot and I almost always laugh until I cry when I am around her - we both have a warped sense of humor :)  Ok sorry, this post is supposed to be about Daniel - this child - o my word - is a toot! He had me cracking up the whole time - he was such a great sport (even when I was sitting in the backseat with him and sticking cheerios all over his face - just for my own amusement...) He for sure knows how to work the camera!

I am in love with this picture - and I'm pretty sure he loved me when I gave him that sucker - sadly, his mean momma (Amy) took it away from him before he had a chance to finish it! ;) Don't worry Daniel there are plenty more where that came from - just like I had to sneak your mom Dr Peppers growing up I will sneak you giant suckers!

Yeah...things got a little messy with the sucker...

Emily Daniel Amy

This is one of his favorite books - love those little fingers!

This picture says it all! Here he is experiencing his first sugar rush! ha I adore him!

Happy first birthday Daniel! I can't wait to see you grow and what all life has in store for you! Always know I will forever have giant suckers and Dr Peppers for you at my house (although you will have to fight your mom over the DP - shes seriously insane.) I love love loves ya!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Scott & Melody

I have so many things to say about this shoot that I don't even know where to begin. Scott and Melody were my JR HIGH pastors in church growing up ( I am now 28 years old) so whats really ridiculous is how they have not aged! Ok Scott has a little, but Melody still looks like she did 14 years ago (and she has had 2 kids!) I have so many great stories I could share about these two - God bless them for putting up with me in my Jr High days hahahah. I am so lucky to have had them in my life not only as mentors but as friends. I was beyond excited when Melody contacted me about doing a "lovey dovey" shoot for her and Scott - because let me tell you these two have always been so in love - like high school in love, like your first relationship in love, like Joanie loves Chachi, or in love like Zack & Kelly at Bayside High! (Ignore me - I'm so dramatic!). Seriously though - before they ever told the world they were in love - we all knew it - it was obvious ;) So I was super excited and honored to be asked to document this crazy love  - and then I thought ok this may be awkward - and then I realized how fun this would be on my part to try to make Scott Fuller feel awkward! haha So I took great joy in telling them to do things like "OK now totally make out - big time" or "Now give me your best sexy look" But Scott barely cared - and instead got me when he announced one of his outfit changes was a speedo! haha (He was joking of course - sorry I didn't mean to get your hopes up). Wowzers I just realized this is turning into a novel so I'm going to hush now and just let you enjoy the pics :)
So Melody had the fabulous idea of doing like a spin off of "The Notebook" and do kindof like a date night - it was perfect ;)

Ok so I'm in love with this one! Melody was not exactly thrilled about stopping traffic and smoochin out in the street - but oh its glorious! And she thanks me now! haha
Holy Smokes ;)

We totally lucked out that the carnival was in town - and thank goodness cause this picture is priceless - I'm totally lovin it ;)

Scott & Melody  -thank you again for allowing me to be apart of this special time in your lives - You two will always have a special place in my heart - love you!