Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dave & Johnna

A few weeks ago I headed out to Midlothian for a pregnancy shoot for Dave & Johnna (Dave is my cousin, and Johnna is his awesome wife) They are expecting their first baby in August! This session had some great laughs, especially the look on Daves face when I would ask them to do certain poses - oh well - one thing you must know people - if your going to hire me to shoot then be prepared to do some things that may get you out of your comfort zone or even a little dirty! ;) It was all worth it in the end though...
Yes, that is the sonogram on their little baby girl - no I will not tell you the name because, well, as of a few weeks ago sitting in TaMollys for a family dinner, there seem to all of a sudden maybe be a change of name since they cant come to an agreement on spelling... hmmm...So I guess you will just have to wait for their new born shoot for the announcement - hopefully they will have come to an agreement by then. ha!
Yeah. Cute baby bump.
This was one of those moments where Dave was less than thrilled with the posing, but oh how he LOVES this picture now!
love this one - don't know why - i just do - so don't question me.
Now I want to get pregnant and have a picture just like this. It is beautiful and Johnna is glowing (literally) haha No seriously - she is a gorgeous pregnant woman!
This blows me away and I love it. It so captures this special time in their lives :)

Dave & Johnna - Congrats on the baby - I can not wait to meet her! I know she will be greatly loved :) Love you 3!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Waggoner Family

A few weeks ago I headed out to Eagle Mountain Lake for a family shoot with the Waggoners. It was my first time meeting them, and my first time at Eagle Mountain, so I really had no idea what to expect. I was sooo pleasantly surprised! This family is not only gorgeous, but so much fun! I know I say this all time, but seriously I LOVE love LOVE people who are down for anything and this family totally rocked it! It was a bazillion degrees outside and we were all dying but it was oh so worth it. I got some of my most favorite shots of all time out of this session and made some new friends along the way ;) Ok I'm shushing now - Ill let the photos speak for themselves!
Hello Blue Eyes - Jarrett is awesome and oh so handsome
And this little man is Jaxton - who is adorable and has such a personality! Oh and has a major love for Cheerio's
Raise your hand if you think this deserves a canvas (I'm raising both hands) Lori you are gorgeous and I'm jealous of your eyes, because even in black & white they look amazing. Oh yeah and Jonathan you're not bad yourself ha! ;)
Jarrett will cherish this photo with his dad when he gets older.
Ok so this is one of my favs of all times - isn't it just perfect?! Its sexy and romantic. This one deserves a canvas too and should be hung in the bedroom - BADA BING BADA BOOM! (sorry I couldn't help myself with that last part)
See what I mean this family was FUN! Also, if you are thinking Lori looks familiar well that's because her sister is Leigh Ann Huber (whom I did a family session for last year - scroll down to see that cute little family).

Jonathan, Lori, Jarrett & Jaxton - thank you so much for allowing me to capture your family photos. Y'all are the best and I hope to see more of y'all in the future!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Condo Wedding

You may remember Clint and Kelsies engagement shoot a few months back - well they tied the knot a few weeks ago! It was a perfect Texas wedding! Literally, we drove to Taylor, TX and the venue was seriously in the middle of nowhere - but it was gorgeous! I loved it, and it even though it was hot there was a nice gusty breeze. I had alot of fun shooting this wedding - there were so many fun details put into this wedding - here are a few of my favorites...
Her expression is priceless.
  So is his when he sees her...
Mr. & Mrs. Condo
Ok so I am in LOVE with this picture - i love the boots and I love that her dress is dirty - i just adore it.
I love lots of things about this picture, but my favorite is the fact that see the girl to the right of Clint? That's his sister, Krystal, (who I'm sure you recognize from previous entries) - but I love how she is looking at him.

Something else I LOVED about this wedding is the fact that Clint & Kelsie set aside like 15 - 20 minutes to just have some pictures done together. It was just me and them - we made everyone go on to the reception and we had a few minutes just to capture them and their love on their special day. I can not say how important I think this is - I am all for having pictures of your wedding day, but really - aren't you going to cherish the ones of you and your groom cherishing a few moments alone (well except for me there)? If you still aren't convinced then just check out these pictures and I bet you will change your mind!
Lastly, I leave you with one of most favorite pictures of all time - this just screams Texas summer - have you ever seen so many boots in one place? Plus there is even a guy wearing a Texas flag shirt - oh its perfect!
Clint & Kelsie - 
Thank you so much for allowing me to document your special day - I wish you both a life time of laughter and happiness ;) Enjoy your pictures!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cynthia + Alye + Maddy

So honestly this post should be titled Cynthia + Cynthia 2 + Cynthia 3, because let me tell ya these girls act and look like their momma! ha! Cynthia and I have known each other since I was in 2nd grade and she was in 1st grade - holy geez that makes us friends for over 20 years - OMG that makes us..well...OLD! We grew up attending the same school and church all our life - well into high school. After high school Cynthia decided to do something with her life (as I stayed doing the same ole same ole) and went to college in LA. Since then our visits have come few and far between, but when she is in town its a must that we see each other..ya know she is one of those friends that we can just pick up where we left off and never skip a beat - thank goodness for friends like that cause lets be honest  - we all have had those moments where you try to meet up with a old friend and try to rekindle some type of friendship and its horrible and AWKWARD - and you leave there asking yourself why in the heck did I do this to myself? Cynthia lives in West Virginia now and last time I saw her this child was like 2 months old....
Meet Alye - she is in the "terrible two" stage of life and looks just like her momma! As you can tell from this picture she hated me hahah - but I love this picture - she is gorgeous and her eyes are amazing! Cynthia use to stare people down like this too as we were growing up - she was fun and sweet and we always had a blast together, but if she didn't know or like you - well then this is the look you got. HA!

Now meet Maddy - a child full of funny facial expressions and calm, cool and collected - poor thang doesn't know any better yet...
Ok don't you just want to kiss those cheeks?!? 
Sadly, both girls were never happy at the same time, so we weren't able to get a ton of "sister" pictures - but we did have a tea party! 
Finally at the end of the shoot Alye thought she might kindof like me so I captured these fantastic shots, but of course by that time Maddy was sound asleep and was completely over the session ;)
 Don't you wish you had a picture like this? I know I do - a little girl in a field of flowers with butterfly wings and a tutu?!?! What a carefree, wonderful, perfect, moment!

Now ya know I couldn't end this blog without a picture of my beautiful friend - especially since I gave you a short (well maybe not so short) story about her....
I know she is probably mad at me for putting this picture up, but what is she gonna do? She lives in WV - besides she is gorgeous and I love this picture of her :)