Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christopher, Rachel, Zack & Zoey

This is the photo shoot that I was almost convinced wasn't going to happen. See, I was squeezing Rachel and Chris in because Chris lives in Colorado and was only going to be in town this one weekend so they had to get pictures on this certain Saturday. Well, the night before the shoot Rachel calls and tells me that Chris flight has been delayed and they have NO idea when he will get on another flight. Around midnight Rachel texts me saying he just got on a flight so we were still on for the morning shoot! The next morning, I get to the location and little did I know there was a parade at the same time in the same area as the shoot!!! All of Waxahachie was there I swear hahah. So, as I'm frantically trying to come up with a different plan, ( knowing they will be here anytime) Rachel calls and tells me they just had a flat tire! At this point all we could do was laugh - seemed everything was trying to slow this shoot down. Thankfully, they were able to make it shortly after the parade was clearing out. From then on it was easy sailing (thank goodness!). Let me just tell you how happy I am that we didn't cancel - not only do I love their pictures, but I met a very awesome couple and some sweet kids - Rachel and I became instant friends! They are all so fun!
Zoey is little miss priss - she had the best poses - i seriously did not coach this child with any of her poses - this is 100% Zoey!
Zack is such a sweet kid - he was such a ham ;)
I'm seriously in love with this picture.

Ok so let me do some explaining on these next few pictures. See, as I said earlier, Chris lives in Colorado - but him and Rachel are head over heels in LOVE ;) So Chris bought Rachel a ring for Christmas - yes a RING - a big gorgeous ring! The problem is they had yet to tell the kids, but they REALLY wanted to get a few "engagement" type shots since Chris wouldn't be back down for a few months. So while the kids were occupied we broke out the ring. Well Zack immediately noticed. As soon as Chris pulled it out of his pocket Zack ran over to him, Rachel and I were exchanging nervous glances, and he asked Chris if that was a ring. The he whispered to Chris "Ask my mom to marry you!" He was giddy with excitement and went on telling Chris how he is to hold out the ring and what to say. Needless to say, my heart melted...but I made sure to keep snappin so I could document this sweet moment....

As you can see it was a very special moment for this "soon to be" family ;) And now for a close up of that ring!
And just FYI - I received news yesterday that the engagement is now OFFICIAL! Congrats you two - the love you have for each other is so evident and sweet. I wish you all a lifetime of love and laughter ;)

Chris, Rachel, Zack & Zoey  - you guys ROCK! Thank you so much for allowing me a glimpse into your world! I hope to see y'all again soon!


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  1. You are incredible, steph!!!!!! You made our day memorable and magical! We are so grateful to you!

    And the engagement didn't last- we married December 30th!

    Happy New Year, dear Stephanie! You're a dear friend, and so indescribably talented. God Bless You!