Thursday, March 25, 2010

Im just saying...

"When you point your lens toward another person, you are telling them that they noteworthy; that of all the people in the world, they alone have your attention at this moment in time. You have the golden and rare opportunity to transform the simple act of photographing a person, into the forming of a human connection that didn't exist before."

-- Cheryl Jacobs

I LOVE this quote - I found it the other day and it has really just stuck with me. I have been doing photography a little over a year now and I always try my hardest to make my client feel comfortable and relaxed and absolutely FABULOUS! I want them to feel like a celebrity, like they are gorgeous and fun - that is something I strive to do and when I get back to the office to start editing I realize just how gorgeous they are both inside and out - when I see their personality shining through my photos then I know I have done my job. So far I have been so beyond blessed with amazing clients, just the other day one of my regulars told me that they consider me a close friend now. WOW! That completely made my day - we were total strangers and now i'm considered a friend! Funny thing is I always feel such a closeness with my client after even one shoot - I feel like they are family in some ways, but I always have to remind myself that not everyone is going to feel that way about me! Yes, i'm overly sentimental and absolutely crazy - and i'm not going to apologize for it ;)



Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So I was informed yesterday that my link to my personal blog is not working! Sorry about that! I have updated the link and it should work like a charm now ;)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fallon Jones Bridal Session!

Saturday I photographed Derrick and Fallons wedding - which was absolutely lovely (but ill save all those details for the wedding post) Today I am posting Fallons bridal session! We took these back in January - it was a absolutely gorgeous day. We shot in downtown Dallas and had a great time. Fallon was glowing and it really shows in these pictures I think She was definitely my DIVA bride - which makes me love her that much more!haha Hope you enjoy the pictures - stay tuned for the wedding pictures - coming soon!
By the way the first one and the the last one are my picks for FAVORITES! love love love them!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chelsea Wilson Bridals!

Ok, so I actually took these back in January, but I am just now getting them posted. Cut me some slack - i'm only about 2 weeks behind since the wedding wasn't until Feb 27th. I'm sure you are use to seeing Chelsea pictures on here by now (if you're a newbie, Chelsea is my little sister). The wedding was AMAZIN - and Chelsea was just simply gorgeous. She was also cool as a cucumber the day of - it was making me nervous how calm she was being. Did I mention we are polar opposites in this area? I was nervous and it wasn't even my wedding! I could go on and on about how beautiful my sister is, but i'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Once again - be prepared for quite a few favs - it's my blog so i'll post as many as I want k? k! :)


Ok so these were some of my favorites, but this LAST one - oh my heavens, im in love with it!

Also, on a side note - I see i'm getting lots of traffic on here, but never hear from anyone visiting! Please if you are stopping by I would love to hear from you! I love comments! ;)


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Amy Pin Up Session!

Ok this is LONG overdue - Amy (whom is one of my very bestest friends) wanted to do a pin up type shoot for fun a few weeks ago, so I completely ran with it!ha My poor friends sometimes have to act as guinea pigs for my shoots. She was such a great sport and we had so much fun. We ended the shoot by hitting our favorite, local mexican restaurant for dinner and margaritas! I have known Amy since I was 11 years old - growing up we were inseparable - we have lived together twice and can tell you more crazy stories than you could EVER imagine! ha I loved her pictures and she is absolutely gorgeous! Just look for yourselves...

I love you Amy! Thanks again for going along with some of these :)