Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Ok so yes, I am almost 5 months late on posting this, but every New Years I write out a list of goals I would like to achieve for the next year and then throughout the year I will pull out my list and see just what I have accomplished and what else I need to do. I have NEVER been able to complete one of these lists, but this year I am really trying. So I thought I would post it on here and then I will feel more accountable. HA  - we will see if this works, please dont be mean to me if I dont complete it! K? k :)

2010 Photography Goals

 * Buy a new camera

 * Offer at least one Holiday Mini Session

 * Do at least 30 photo sessions

 * Shoot at least one wedding

 * Work on branding, packages and marketing

So there you have it folks - my 2010 list. Geez i'm already thinking of not publishing this! EEK. So let me just tell you so far on how this list is going...

* still no new camera

* umm i'm going to shoot for a Christmas mini session

* So far I have done 7 photoshoots this year (have lots more scheduled though!)

* I HAVE SHOT ONE WEDDING THIS YEAR!  and I actually have lots of possible wedding bookings      this year!

* I have a new logo, and now have wedding packages. I am currently working on all other packages.

Sometimes I just hate how open and honest I am...


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