Monday, August 31, 2009

Move Over Sprinkles!

Saturday my cousin Lesley came over and we went garage saleing, then later we came back to the house and made cupcakes! I LOVE cupcakes (they are one of my favorite desserts - nothing compares to brownies ha) We went cupcake CRAZY - we were mixing all sorts of flavors and fillings and toppings - before we knew it we had over 70 cupcakes - at that point we couldn't even enjoy it because we were so sick of sweets! (yes, we like to "taste test" haha) Thankfully we have been able to share these yummies with our family/friends - in fact I had a friend come over last night who ate 6, but can you believe I STILL have so many left! So if your in the area - stop by for a cupcake :)


Oh and by the way - my garage sale curse has been lifted! (the last SEVERAL times I have gone garage saleing I have found nothing but over priced JUNK) So Saturday morning around 10:15am was a breakthrough as I bought a lovely console table and a few frames! WHAHOO!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Friday was my moms bday so Saturday night I had a bunch of family over for a little "Birthday Bunco Surprise Party" luckily my mom had no clue we were there to celebrate her bday :) Everyone had a great time, although I NEVER win at Bunco - I feel like there has to be some sort of strategy to this game that I have yet to figure out! haha Here's a few pics from Saturday - I absolutely love family get togethers!

Happy Birthday Mom! Isnt she beatiful? I only hope I age that well when im that age :) My mom is awesome, we have so many great laughs together - she is the one person I can count on to find things funny that most people wouldn't. She has always been one of my biggest fans and I am so so lucky to have such a amazing mom and friend. Love you mom!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Rigsby Family

So Monday evening my cousin Krystal brought her newest addition, Kobe, over for a shoot. Well I misunderstood and once she got there I realized she was wanting a family shoot as well! ha I prefer to do family shots outside but we worked it out since it was already dark out ha. Im gonna get with her this week and do a few outside shots, but here's a few from the other night! Such a sweet family!

Look at those dark eyes! He was wide awake the whole shoot!

Kalei and Jaycee - they are such hams - ecspecially Kalei who was so over having her picture done about 15 minutes after she got there ha
Daddy and Kobe - love the way they are looking at each other! Both just look so smitten :)


Thursday, August 13, 2009


Like I said in a earlier post, Chelsea and I went to Lufkin and the drive was just GORGEOUS! I love back road driving and on the way home I decided to make some "photo" stops :)

So this is basically what most of the 3.5 hour drive looked like - AYKM??? It was amazing - Chelsea and rocked that country music and enjoyed every bit of it! ha

We came across this church that was in the middle of no where - it was so pretty - had a dirt road drive, surrounded by giant trees and had a tire swing hanging next to it. It made me wonder about the history of it and made me imagine what Sundays are like there - I'm sure the Pastor stands at the front door and greets people and afterwards the kids play on the tire swing. Maybe none of that happens, but that is what I imagine - and i like that image :)

Here is the tire swing - doesn't it just give you a warm fuzzy type of feeling?!?!? ha I think this one may find itself hanging in my house soon :)



So Saturday we celebrated my PawPaws 77th bday! Although you would never know he is 77 - the man still rides 4 wheeelers, has a motorcycle, and can beat all the boys in pool! ha He is seriously one of the most amazing men you will EVER meet. I never met a man with more love, honesty and just a good heart. He also has this amazing power where he can fix EVERYTHING (including my Prada purse! ha) I have been so so blessed to have such amazing grandparents and a pawpaw who is just my world - he makes the world a better place and betters anyone that knows him. So anyways we had a party for him - ate some good food, played bean bag baseball (If you want more on this just ask - its a family tradition now!) and had lots of good laughs. I absolutely LOVE family get togethers and seriously wish they happened weekly!
All the grandkids - minus 2 that were out of town.

My Uncle Joe - not very often we can snag a picture of him so I thought I better post this rare occurence
My mawmaw - isnt she gorgeous??? - she is my most favorite person in the entire world.

Pawpaw with his 3 kids - L to R: Valerie (my momma if you couldnt tell), pawpaw, Joe and Danielle

My hero


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lufkin & Munchkin

I left Sunday with my sister for Lufkin - we were so excited to see our cousin Amy and laugh it up with Em, but most of all we could not wait to meet the little munchkin - Daniel! O my word what a doll he was so sweet and he loved me until I got out my camera - talk about a stinker! :) It just made me love him even more - I couldnt blame him - I get extremely angry when anyone messes with my sleep time too. I was able to get some great shots of his many "faces" although these pictures do him no justice. Wish we could of stayed longer - I will be adding on to this post, but here ya go for now ;)

Welcome to the world Daniel - I will be your favorite aunt (i promise) - I love you wild man!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!

Saturday I took pictures of cousins Kylie and Jake at their grandmas house in Midlothian. They are both turning 1! Arent they just adorable?!?!? We took both their photos in about 30 minutes total tops! It was so sweltering hot and humid outside, im not sure we could of lasted much longer. There were to many favorites - so be prepared for some cuteness!