Friday, October 15, 2010

Heidi & Jordan

Meet Heidi and Jordan - a cute couple from Utah getting married on 1-1-11 (cool right?). 

 I always love engagement sessions but this one I really REALLY loved - for two reasons:
1. This couple was so head over heels in love and they were just glowing - it was so sweet really- the way Jordan looks at her with such adoration and the way Heidi smiles and laughs non stop when around him was absolute perfection. These two are the real deal - like Kelly and Zack from Saved by the Bell (my all time favorite TV show as a kid - there's some useless trivia for you)  

Geez! Can we say someone is gonna have some pretty babies?!?! (Was that inappropriate?) But seriously these two are HOTTIES!

So here's a little back story on the firetruck - as we were walking along we saw this firetruck and Jordan jokingly says "We should do some pictures on the truck" - well one thing you must learn - you ask and I will make it happen (well at least try my darnest) So I ran up to fireman and did some sweet talking and had Heidi bat her eyelashes at them (joking) and we were golden. It was hilarious getting them up there and even funnier when Heidi was trying to get down and told the fireman "don't worry I have shorts on underneath my dress" hahaha - The look on their faces were priceless. 
*Don't worry no fires were left unattended during this shoot

So the # 2 reason why I loved LOVED this session is because of this:

I have had this idea buzzin around my brain for a long time now, but needed to find a couple or family who would give 100% to it and make it awesome - so I was SO excited when Heidi told me they were down! Check out the awesomeness...

Heidi & Jordan - 
Thank you for such a great session! I wish you the very best on your upcoming marriage and I really wish you lots of fun, laughter and paint parties in the years to come :)


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mr & Mrs Ashton

Two weeks ago I had the honor of shooting Megan and Tonys wedding. I was super worried the day of because it literally rained off and on all day - and considering their wedding was planned to be outside I really had my fingers crossed. Thankfully, a hour or so before the wedding the rain moved out and the rest of the night was perfect! I did not know Megan or Tony prior to them booking their wedding, but let me tell you - they are great! This was one of the sweetest weddings I had ever been to - you could just tell how much they love and adore each other - I rarely cry at weddings but even my eyes were stinging watching her walk down the aisle and the look on Tonys face as he saw his gorgeous bride! I hope you enjoy the pics from their special day (be warned - there's alot of them!)

I really love watching the friends and family during the ceremony ;)

Presenting for the first time Mr & Mrs Tony Ashton!

Throw in some Bridesmaids and a couple of Groomsmen....
 And as I ALWAYS say - give me some alone time with just the bride and groom and you will thank me later ;)

I'm totally diggin that last pic - good gracious.

And I'm just a lil obsessed with this "first dance" picture - if you feel the same, well then, lets be best friends..

I LOVE this picture - seriously, she had moves that put me to shame!
Tony and Megan - I wish you and you your precious family a lifetime of happiness - may all y'alls wishes come true.

Oh - and lets please stay friends..K? K!

Wedding Vendors
catering: Randys BBQ
cake: The Cake Lady (Peggy Callier)
dj: DJ Sulli

Monday, October 4, 2010

Derek, UT Austin

WOWZERS - I just realized how long it has been since I have done a blog update! FORGIVE me! I have been beyond swamped as my busy season has officially started! I have been spending hours and hours editing, plus working on lots of upcoming sessions and plenty of new and exciting stuff for 2011 (it will be here before you know it people!)

Several weeks ago my mom and I got to visit my brother, Derek, in Austin. I was so excited to see him and visit - sadly, we were only able to stay a few hours, but we were able to get a mini photo session in on the UT campus - cha-ching!

Derek will be graduating from The University Of Texas Law School next year! I am so so so proud of him! He has always been such a hard worker when it comes to school (unlike my sister and I)! He was definitely blessed with the book smarts of the family!

I absolutely LOVE this last picture - cue the Law and Order music - or Perry Mason...

Derek- I love love love you - you are the best brother ever and I am so very proud of you!


ps - Derek could you fed ex me another one of those chocolate shakes you bought me? Those were amazin!
pps - Be ready - lots of new updates coming very soon I promise - I have them piling up as we speak!