Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Lauterbach Family!

I met the Lauterbachs in downtown Waxahachie a few days before Thanksgiving - I had never met this family but let me tell you I instantly loved them! They were all so fun and had me laughing non stop. You know how there are certain people you can be around and they just give off a vibe (like you can feel the love or the tension for that matter)? Well this family just gives off a happy vibe - you seriously cant help but smile when you are around them. All of the kids were amazing! They all were so cooperative and never once did I have to become "bossy photographer" hahah 
This is one of my favorite family shots. Ever.

I cant help but smile every time I look at this one
I absolutely loved Lexi's eyes - such a great color.
Meet Ava - no, she isnt a doll - she is real and absolutely ADORABLE!
Dont ask why but I really love this one - it deserves a canvas..or at least a frame
And this one - oh this one belongs in the bedroom! its smokin HOTT!
I absolutely love this last one - I know their life must be chaotic with 4 kids - but its obvious there is alot of love in this family ;)

Dennis, Jackie, Liana, Lexi, Luke & Ava - 
I had a blast working with yall! Thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of your family for a few hours - hope to see yall again soon!


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