Thursday, March 17, 2011

Women Mini Session: Jennifer

Meet Jennifer
  Today is actually extra special because today is Jennifer's birthday! yay!
This was my first time meeting Jen - she had come to the session with some of her girlfriends, but I instantly liked her - she is so very sincere. 

She actually just moved here from South Carolina so she is having to get use to us crazy Texans and our insane weather ;)
 Jennifer thinks her best physical feature are her eyes - and after looking at these last two photos I would totally agree - her eyes say so much - they say the eyes are a window to your soul and when I look at this picture I can sense her inner strength ;)
Jen - it was so nice to meet you! Thank you for allowing me to capture this new adventure in your life! Remember- you are gorgeous!


1 comment:

  1. She is a knockout! Of course I've known her since I was 15 lol...

    These photo's of her are beautiful you did a WONDERFUL job... makes me want to fly to TX to get some done...