Monday, March 7, 2011

Women Only Mini: GRACIN

I am so excited to start showing you all of the amazing women from my first Women Only Mini Session! Everyone had so much fun and it was a HUGE success - Im looking forward to many more ;)

Meet Gracin 
 Gracin - was so fun and was totally down for anything - which you know I LOVED! ha She is a Sophmore at Red Oak High School where she is in the Band and plays Soft Ball. 

The fact that she has accomplished so much in life is what she is most proud of and when I asked her what she would want the world to know about her she simply responded with "That I am always there for anyone who needs to talk - even if I barely know you." I loved that response - to me that just showed how compassionate she is for others - the fact that the one thing she would want the world to know is that she cares and is always willing to listen to what YOU have to say - wow - Gracin - I hope you never ever loose that ;)

One of the reasons Gracin signed up for the mini session was because she thought it would be an amazing experience and she wanted to spend some one on one time with her boyfriends mom ;) I truly hope she walked away feeling beautiful and good about herself cause she has a lot to offer.
Gracin - It was so great meeting you - I hope to see you again soon! Now go kick some softball booty! ha 


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