Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mr & Mrs Jones - Austin Wedding

I have been dying to get this on the blog! A few weeks ago I traveled to Austin for Darla and Ricky's wedding. It was at this beautiful venue called Chapel Dulcinea, it is out in the Hill Country and just breathtaking! Darla had to of been the most laid back Bride I have ever seen! She was so chill and just took her time enjoying her day - she was so fun and not to mention GORGEOUS! There are just certain people that are naturally beautiful both inside and out and she is one of those people. I mean seriously....

Thank God the weather was nice and it wasn't too hot yet. It was perfect ;)

How funny is this family photo (don't worry I took a normal one too) but I love the fun one - it shows their personality - plus i love that the daughter on the right is basically making the same face as her mom. 

Let me tell you just how important it is to take a few minutes after the ceremony while the guests leave for the reception to have a few minutes with just you and your photographer. It is insanely important people! I can not stress that enough, not only does it give you a few minutes to take a break with you and your new husband but it also gives me a chance to document this amazingly, special day and the opportunity to capture your crazy, head over heels, love! Trust me when you are 60 you are not going to care about tons of different pictures of you and your wedding attendants, but you will cherish the ones of you and the man you fell in love with (you're children will cherish them as well!) Ok so enough of that soap box - really I should just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Oh good grief - that last photo is on FIRE!

It was so sweet to get to spend a few minutes with Darla and Ricky alone at the Chapel - everyone had already left for the reception and it was just so sweet and intimate.
Speaking of cool are they? They had their reception at Austins very own Nutty Brown Cafe. This place was fun and had some great areas for pics - it was another perfect Texas wedding!

Darla & Ricky - thank you thank you thank you for allowing me to be there on your special day! You make a beautiful couple and seem to fit perfectly. I wish you and your family a lifetime of love, laughter and happiness!

PS - don't be strangers!


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  1. Awesome pics. Love the one of mom and daughter making the same face. Can't escape genetics. :D