Monday, March 14, 2011

Women Only Mini: KACI

Meet Kaci

Kaci is actually my brother in laws sister - so she is basically family :) Kaci is the type of person that even if you do not know her she instantly makes you feel comfortable - don't you just love people like that?!? 

Kaci thinks her best physical feature is her eyes - umm HECK YES they are - are you kidding me??
 Here are a few Q & A's from the session ;)

Q: What achievement in your life has made you the most proud?
A: Raising my handsome boys

*And let me just say - her boys are great - good in school, athletic and such gentlemen - she did good!

 Q: Tell me 3 fun facts/quirks about you...
A:  1. No matter what my haircolor - I say blonde things
2. Being with my family makes me happiest
3. I'm funny, like to dance and be silly 
I really adore this last picture - it is 100% Kaci cause everytime I see her she is laughing!

Kaci - I am sooo glad you did this session - you absolutely deserved it and are one of a kind!


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