Thursday, March 24, 2011

Women Mini Session: Melanie

Meet Melanie

This picture was actually my very favorite from the session - I just think she looks plain gorgeous here :)

Melanie came to the shoot for a girls day (with Jennifer & Kaci) and to get some photos for her hubby. I had only met Mel once before and it was brief so I was actually real excited to get to spend some time with her and getting to know her! She is such a fun person and was down for anything - which you know I loved! ha
In her free time Melanie likes to bake & design cakes from scratch and she loves to dance!

Melanie is actually from South Carolina and recently moved to the Dallas area - when I asked her what achievement in her life has made her most proud she said that while in SC she was the regional outreach coordinator for Federations of Families. She would help children/families understand,cope and overcome emotional and mental illness. Melanie also worked with the SC Board of Education on helping them meet the needs of children that suffer with emotional and mental illness. Wow to that - I'm sure that was extremely difficult and rewarding all rolled into one!

Melanie's life moto is this: "Be who you are, say what you feel...because those that matter don't mind, those that mind don't matter"

Yeah, I'm liking that ;)  Melanie you rock!


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