Monday, August 31, 2009

Move Over Sprinkles!

Saturday my cousin Lesley came over and we went garage saleing, then later we came back to the house and made cupcakes! I LOVE cupcakes (they are one of my favorite desserts - nothing compares to brownies ha) We went cupcake CRAZY - we were mixing all sorts of flavors and fillings and toppings - before we knew it we had over 70 cupcakes - at that point we couldn't even enjoy it because we were so sick of sweets! (yes, we like to "taste test" haha) Thankfully we have been able to share these yummies with our family/friends - in fact I had a friend come over last night who ate 6, but can you believe I STILL have so many left! So if your in the area - stop by for a cupcake :)


Oh and by the way - my garage sale curse has been lifted! (the last SEVERAL times I have gone garage saleing I have found nothing but over priced JUNK) So Saturday morning around 10:15am was a breakthrough as I bought a lovely console table and a few frames! WHAHOO!



  1. Helo there!!!! I googled you and this is what poped up. Im just thinking of you today. I was remembering how we used to have fam gatherings in GP at momos and popos. I miss those days. You used to say that you would always do the egg hunt no mater what age you were. LOL By the way nice site and great pic of less. LOL this is Tonya, Love yall all!!!

  2. Tonya - Nice to hear from you - its been forever! :) Please follow this site and let me hear from ya every now and then - and heck yes - i still do those egg hunts =0) love ya!