Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Friday was my moms bday so Saturday night I had a bunch of family over for a little "Birthday Bunco Surprise Party" luckily my mom had no clue we were there to celebrate her bday :) Everyone had a great time, although I NEVER win at Bunco - I feel like there has to be some sort of strategy to this game that I have yet to figure out! haha Here's a few pics from Saturday - I absolutely love family get togethers!

Happy Birthday Mom! Isnt she beatiful? I only hope I age that well when im that age :) My mom is awesome, we have so many great laughs together - she is the one person I can count on to find things funny that most people wouldn't. She has always been one of my biggest fans and I am so so lucky to have such a amazing mom and friend. Love you mom!


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