Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Rigsby Family

So Monday evening my cousin Krystal brought her newest addition, Kobe, over for a shoot. Well I misunderstood and once she got there I realized she was wanting a family shoot as well! ha I prefer to do family shots outside but we worked it out since it was already dark out ha. Im gonna get with her this week and do a few outside shots, but here's a few from the other night! Such a sweet family!

Look at those dark eyes! He was wide awake the whole shoot!

Kalei and Jaycee - they are such hams - ecspecially Kalei who was so over having her picture done about 15 minutes after she got there ha
Daddy and Kobe - love the way they are looking at each other! Both just look so smitten :)


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  1. Hi Stephanie! Sorry, I hadnt checked my blog recently and didnt see your comment! I tried to email but it kept coming back to me...not sure why?!
    My prices are kind of all over the place...just depends on how much detail and fondant work and all of that...but let me know what you are thinking as far as design and we could work something out! I see that you are a photographer, maybe we could work out a trade? :) I love pictures of my kids! Just an idea! I look forward to talking to you!