Thursday, August 13, 2009


Like I said in a earlier post, Chelsea and I went to Lufkin and the drive was just GORGEOUS! I love back road driving and on the way home I decided to make some "photo" stops :)

So this is basically what most of the 3.5 hour drive looked like - AYKM??? It was amazing - Chelsea and rocked that country music and enjoyed every bit of it! ha

We came across this church that was in the middle of no where - it was so pretty - had a dirt road drive, surrounded by giant trees and had a tire swing hanging next to it. It made me wonder about the history of it and made me imagine what Sundays are like there - I'm sure the Pastor stands at the front door and greets people and afterwards the kids play on the tire swing. Maybe none of that happens, but that is what I imagine - and i like that image :)

Here is the tire swing - doesn't it just give you a warm fuzzy type of feeling?!?!? ha I think this one may find itself hanging in my house soon :)


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