Thursday, August 13, 2009


So Saturday we celebrated my PawPaws 77th bday! Although you would never know he is 77 - the man still rides 4 wheeelers, has a motorcycle, and can beat all the boys in pool! ha He is seriously one of the most amazing men you will EVER meet. I never met a man with more love, honesty and just a good heart. He also has this amazing power where he can fix EVERYTHING (including my Prada purse! ha) I have been so so blessed to have such amazing grandparents and a pawpaw who is just my world - he makes the world a better place and betters anyone that knows him. So anyways we had a party for him - ate some good food, played bean bag baseball (If you want more on this just ask - its a family tradition now!) and had lots of good laughs. I absolutely LOVE family get togethers and seriously wish they happened weekly!
All the grandkids - minus 2 that were out of town.

My Uncle Joe - not very often we can snag a picture of him so I thought I better post this rare occurence
My mawmaw - isnt she gorgeous??? - she is my most favorite person in the entire world.

Pawpaw with his 3 kids - L to R: Valerie (my momma if you couldnt tell), pawpaw, Joe and Danielle

My hero


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