Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chelsea and Mike

Saturday I had the privilege of taking my sister and future brother in laws engagement pictures! It was so fun and Chelsea and I had a blast - Mike was a good sport - especially after we bribed him with Chipotle :) They are getting married next year and I could not be happier - she is marrying a great guy and he is by far the luckiest man there is. I absolutely adore my sister - she is one of my bests friends! I had many favorites so I must post more than a few (consider that your warning) but how could I not - I mean look how gorgeous my sister is!



  1. well aren't you just too sweet!
    i love youuu!!
    and you did a wonderful job! i couldn't be happier with the pictures. :]

  2. LOVE THEM!!! they are excellent steph!