Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Stout Family!

I was so excited to meet this family - one, because they are related to one of my most favorite families EVER! And two, just by trying to plan the shoot I knew they would be super fun. Let me tell ya, they did not disappoint ;)

Oh did I mention they were driving all the way back home to Pampa after this shoot? Yeah - yuk to long car rides.

Ok are these boys not the most adorable brothers you have ever seen? I totally fell in love with them - they all have such different personalities - it made the shoot so fun!
Cadyn is the oldest of the three and is so sweet. He was the perfect gentleman the entire day and was incredibly good in front of the camera. 
Next up is Creed - he is the wild child of the group. So full of energy and such a "class clown" - if I didn't have him in front of the camera, we were constantly having to make sure we hadn't lost him! He definitely gave me some great laughs ;)
The youngest of the group is Coleson. Oh my goodness - he is precious. Although, he really had no idea what to think of me, he melted my heart. He was so quiet and a little timid in front of the camera - but oh so curious.
One of my most favorite family photos ever. I love the happiness and laughter this family has!
yep. total stud muffins.
I can not even begin to tell you how much I love this picture. I pulled these out of my bag and Coleson couldn't wait to try them on. But even with silly glasses and a clown nose on he kept it strictly business - no smiles - but that's one reason why I love the photo even more ;)
This picture makes me smile every time I look at it. It also makes me laugh - staying true to their personalities you have Mr GQ, Mr Serious and Mr Class Clown (complete with him being the only one wearing the clown nose!). I think all siblings should have a picture like this - I know I wish I had one with my brother and sister at this age!

Stout Family - thank you for making my job easy. Y'all are absolutely incredible and have such an amazing family. I hope to see lots more of you in the near future!


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  1. What wonderful pictures, I really enjoyed them all and they are so much better than posed studio pictures !! Quite impressive !!
    the other Stephanie Wilson !!