Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nancy & Cooper!

A few months ago, I met Nancy and her son Cooper for a photo session. I had never met them before, but instantly loved them! I mean seriously, is this not the sweetest family picture ever? Plus you know I was thrilled when they brought their dog along for some pictures (I am a firm believer that animals are totally apart of your family.)
 We met at Addison Circle - where they live by the way - yeah I know they are SUPER cool for that! I'm going to be honest, I had never been to Addison Circle (yes I'm apart of looserville) but I am dying to shoot there again - so many gorgeous areas.
We walked all over the place - at first Cooper was a little stand offish from me, but I quickly won him over - especially when I promised him he could dress up like Spiderman and have a popcorn war later! ha Actually, the Spiderman idea was his moms, but let me tell you I kept bribing him with it! haha

I adore this picture - Nancy asked me if it would be ok if maybe at the end of the shoot we could let Cooper wear one of his many super hero outfits for a few pictures - she said right now he is all about super hero's and dressing up and she wanted a few pictures of this fun/special/adorable time of his life. I thought it was an absolutely BRILLIANT idea.
Showing me some of his Spidey moves!

This moment melted my heart. Can you see the love Copper has for his mom? The entire day he was all about his mom - it was so sweet to see the love between them and I think this photo really captures that. Its these types of captures that just makes me scream I LOVE MY JOB! ;)

Another one of my absolute favorites ever. I wish you could of heard the laughter at this moment - perfection.

Nancy & Cooper - thank you so much for allowing me to spend the morning with you, you guys totally rock!


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