Monday, July 25, 2011

The Rigsby Family!

Look who's baaccckk - yes, the Rigsbys recently did a family session! Yay!

This is one of my most favorite families - for one because the kids are ADORABLE and two you NEVER ever know what kind of pictures you are gonna get! haha
Normally, the girls are the ones who want nothing to do with - but this time - this time was glorious! ha The girls were perfect little models and I got some of my most favorite photos ever out of them. We had so much fun! I really love the above photo - it really captures them - they really are best friends ;)
Kobe is normally fairly easy to photograph (I mean obviously, that child is gorgeous) but normally once he warms up to me we are fine - yep, not this time. The majority of the time was spent of me chasing him trying to get a good picture - or me running from him cause he was throwing rocks at me! hahaha He is 10000% little boy! I was able to snag a few of him - this was my favorite ;)

I love this family photo - Krystal & James are really great parents and I loved capturing this special moment.
Kalei - wow this photo literally took my breath away - really shows how much she has grown up - absolute perfection.
Jaycee - SWOON over this picture - she is so adorable - I could literally take pictures of her all day - I love the fact that Jaycee smiles with her eyes - not everyone can do that, but it comes natural for her.
love this one - doesn't it just scream summer romance?!?!?
Every time I look at this photo I cant help but laugh - its perfect in so many ways ;)
James, Krystal, Kalei, Jaycee & Kobe - thank you again for continually allowing me to capture your precious family - I always look forward to our next session! love you guys!


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