Friday, May 6, 2011

Women Mini Session: Johnna

Meet Johnna
Doesn't she have gorgeous eyes?!?! They are the perfect shade of green! Johnna is actually family, she married my cousin - you probably recognize her from this session :) Yes, that was the pregnancy session and they have since had a little girl named Kaylyn who in already EIGHT months old! 
    I really love this picture because Johnna has a great laugh - she is always down for fun and can be hysterically funny. She is one of those friends who is just easy to be around - someone whom you feel like you don't have to entertain or get all fancy for - you can just relax and have a total blast!
Several years ago, Johnna and her husband had a house fire and it destroyed everything. I do mean everything, it happened in the middle of the night and happened so fast they did not have time to do much of anything except get out of the house. I don't know about you, but I could not even begin to imagine that pain and devastation - Johnna is so strong, she bounced back and they were quickly on their feet again, this woman has amazing strength!
Johnna came with her BFF, Shanna , for the mini session - they were so much fun (I mean judging from the pic above how could you not have fun with these two?!?)  They looked absolutely AMAZING - they even made their husbands take them out that night! SCORE!
Johnna works for Rosa's Cafe - she works in the corporate office and handles all the paper work/billing/etc... If you have never eaten at Rosa's you need to get your tooshy there pronto - cause its dang good! (No, I am not receiving anything free from Rosa's for that - but I will gladly accept it if they do.)

I asked Johnna to tell me three fun facts about her - this is what she said:
1. "I get super excited about small things"
2. "I cry at weddings and births - even in movies"
3. "I can do the MC Hammer"

Raise your hand if you would like to see her do Hammer Time! haha 

Johnna -

The photo above is my most favorite from the session - not only do you look adorable, but I love that it says 
"You Rock" - you do rock - don't you EVER forget that!


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