Monday, May 16, 2011

Don & Kasi

I met up with Don and Kasi over spring break for a "in love" shoot. They were so much fun! I had not seen them in years so it was nice to catch up :)

So let me just tell you how excited I was when Kasi told me she had a key to the Chautaugua Auditorium and wanted to take a few pictures in there as it's a very special place to her and Don. 
 See, Kasi is the executive director of the Waxahachie Community Theater and they do the majority of their shows here. You should definitely check them out this year - right now they just finished up Annie (which was my all time favorite movie as a child by the way) and they will have other productions in July, October and December!
It was really cool being in there - I came close to living out my childhood dream of being a famous actress and almost broke out in a song and dance routine...but I refrained. 
 We then headed outside to take a few pictures around the park. What I really loved about these two was how genuine they are together. The laughs and smiles and the way they look at each other in these photos are completely real- there were times I had to tell them  to stop smiling and laughing. You can tell they really love being together and really are each others best friend and biggest fan. ;)

Don is the music director for the Waxahachie Community Theater and has also been the Music Pastor at Crossroads of Life Church in Cedar Hill for the past 12 years. They are both such talented, amazing people. They also have three sons, and one sweet grandbaby - which I could tell they are very proud of!
This last picture is one of my all time favorites. I really hope they cherish this picture forever, to me it describes them perfectly and catches a glimpse of this amazing, wonderful time in their life. It's such a "in love" moment. I just adore it.

Done & Kasi - thank you for allowing me to capture such great memories - you two were so much fun and gave me some great laughs! I really enjoyed working with yall and hope to see y'all again soon!


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