Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Women Mini Session: Shanna

Meet Shanna

Ok let me just start out by saying - holy cowabunga to that picture! Shanna you are BEAUTIFUL! I honestly don't think I could ever meet a person who does not LOVE Shanna - she has one of the most amazing personalities - she lights up a room when she is in it and she knows how to make anyone feel special. I had met Shanna a few times before her session, but this was the first time I really got to hang out with her. She is so much fun! 
Shanna and her hubby live in Arlington where that woman has a green thumb! She enjoys landscaping and spending time with her friends. 

When I asked her what achievement in her life has made her the most proud she said getting her Masters Degree in Social Work and working with homeless military veterans. When I read that my mouth flew open - you know I LOVE our military - wow to that Shanna. You just scored even more "I adore you" points!
Shanna actually did a BFF day with her bestie from high school, Johnna - I think its so cool when you still have your friends from high school. They are definitely each others biggest fans ;)
Shanna - it was so great getting to know you. Don't you ever question your value to this world cause we need people like you - you are beautiful both inside and out!


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