Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dave & Johnna

A few weeks ago I headed out to Midlothian for a pregnancy shoot for Dave & Johnna (Dave is my cousin, and Johnna is his awesome wife) They are expecting their first baby in August! This session had some great laughs, especially the look on Daves face when I would ask them to do certain poses - oh well - one thing you must know people - if your going to hire me to shoot then be prepared to do some things that may get you out of your comfort zone or even a little dirty! ;) It was all worth it in the end though...
Yes, that is the sonogram on their little baby girl - no I will not tell you the name because, well, as of a few weeks ago sitting in TaMollys for a family dinner, there seem to all of a sudden maybe be a change of name since they cant come to an agreement on spelling... hmmm...So I guess you will just have to wait for their new born shoot for the announcement - hopefully they will have come to an agreement by then. ha!
Yeah. Cute baby bump.
This was one of those moments where Dave was less than thrilled with the posing, but oh how he LOVES this picture now!
love this one - don't know why - i just do - so don't question me.
Now I want to get pregnant and have a picture just like this. It is beautiful and Johnna is glowing (literally) haha No seriously - she is a gorgeous pregnant woman!
This blows me away and I love it. It so captures this special time in their lives :)

Dave & Johnna - Congrats on the baby - I can not wait to meet her! I know she will be greatly loved :) Love you 3!


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