Thursday, June 10, 2010

Condo Wedding

You may remember Clint and Kelsies engagement shoot a few months back - well they tied the knot a few weeks ago! It was a perfect Texas wedding! Literally, we drove to Taylor, TX and the venue was seriously in the middle of nowhere - but it was gorgeous! I loved it, and it even though it was hot there was a nice gusty breeze. I had alot of fun shooting this wedding - there were so many fun details put into this wedding - here are a few of my favorites...
Her expression is priceless.
  So is his when he sees her...
Mr. & Mrs. Condo
Ok so I am in LOVE with this picture - i love the boots and I love that her dress is dirty - i just adore it.
I love lots of things about this picture, but my favorite is the fact that see the girl to the right of Clint? That's his sister, Krystal, (who I'm sure you recognize from previous entries) - but I love how she is looking at him.

Something else I LOVED about this wedding is the fact that Clint & Kelsie set aside like 15 - 20 minutes to just have some pictures done together. It was just me and them - we made everyone go on to the reception and we had a few minutes just to capture them and their love on their special day. I can not say how important I think this is - I am all for having pictures of your wedding day, but really - aren't you going to cherish the ones of you and your groom cherishing a few moments alone (well except for me there)? If you still aren't convinced then just check out these pictures and I bet you will change your mind!
Lastly, I leave you with one of most favorite pictures of all time - this just screams Texas summer - have you ever seen so many boots in one place? Plus there is even a guy wearing a Texas flag shirt - oh its perfect!
Clint & Kelsie - 
Thank you so much for allowing me to document your special day - I wish you both a life time of laughter and happiness ;) Enjoy your pictures!


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