Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Waggoner Family

A few weeks ago I headed out to Eagle Mountain Lake for a family shoot with the Waggoners. It was my first time meeting them, and my first time at Eagle Mountain, so I really had no idea what to expect. I was sooo pleasantly surprised! This family is not only gorgeous, but so much fun! I know I say this all time, but seriously I LOVE love LOVE people who are down for anything and this family totally rocked it! It was a bazillion degrees outside and we were all dying but it was oh so worth it. I got some of my most favorite shots of all time out of this session and made some new friends along the way ;) Ok I'm shushing now - Ill let the photos speak for themselves!
Hello Blue Eyes - Jarrett is awesome and oh so handsome
And this little man is Jaxton - who is adorable and has such a personality! Oh and has a major love for Cheerio's
Raise your hand if you think this deserves a canvas (I'm raising both hands) Lori you are gorgeous and I'm jealous of your eyes, because even in black & white they look amazing. Oh yeah and Jonathan you're not bad yourself ha! ;)
Jarrett will cherish this photo with his dad when he gets older.
Ok so this is one of my favs of all times - isn't it just perfect?! Its sexy and romantic. This one deserves a canvas too and should be hung in the bedroom - BADA BING BADA BOOM! (sorry I couldn't help myself with that last part)
See what I mean this family was FUN! Also, if you are thinking Lori looks familiar well that's because her sister is Leigh Ann Huber (whom I did a family session for last year - scroll down to see that cute little family).

Jonathan, Lori, Jarrett & Jaxton - thank you so much for allowing me to capture your family photos. Y'all are the best and I hope to see more of y'all in the future!


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