Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cynthia + Alye + Maddy

So honestly this post should be titled Cynthia + Cynthia 2 + Cynthia 3, because let me tell ya these girls act and look like their momma! ha! Cynthia and I have known each other since I was in 2nd grade and she was in 1st grade - holy geez that makes us friends for over 20 years - OMG that makes us..well...OLD! We grew up attending the same school and church all our life - well into high school. After high school Cynthia decided to do something with her life (as I stayed doing the same ole same ole) and went to college in LA. Since then our visits have come few and far between, but when she is in town its a must that we see each other..ya know she is one of those friends that we can just pick up where we left off and never skip a beat - thank goodness for friends like that cause lets be honest  - we all have had those moments where you try to meet up with a old friend and try to rekindle some type of friendship and its horrible and AWKWARD - and you leave there asking yourself why in the heck did I do this to myself? Cynthia lives in West Virginia now and last time I saw her this child was like 2 months old....
Meet Alye - she is in the "terrible two" stage of life and looks just like her momma! As you can tell from this picture she hated me hahah - but I love this picture - she is gorgeous and her eyes are amazing! Cynthia use to stare people down like this too as we were growing up - she was fun and sweet and we always had a blast together, but if she didn't know or like you - well then this is the look you got. HA!

Now meet Maddy - a child full of funny facial expressions and calm, cool and collected - poor thang doesn't know any better yet...
Ok don't you just want to kiss those cheeks?!? 
Sadly, both girls were never happy at the same time, so we weren't able to get a ton of "sister" pictures - but we did have a tea party! 
Finally at the end of the shoot Alye thought she might kindof like me so I captured these fantastic shots, but of course by that time Maddy was sound asleep and was completely over the session ;)
 Don't you wish you had a picture like this? I know I do - a little girl in a field of flowers with butterfly wings and a tutu?!?! What a carefree, wonderful, perfect, moment!

Now ya know I couldn't end this blog without a picture of my beautiful friend - especially since I gave you a short (well maybe not so short) story about her....
I know she is probably mad at me for putting this picture up, but what is she gonna do? She lives in WV - besides she is gorgeous and I love this picture of her :)


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  1. please come to nashville and take pictures like this of adeline!!!