Monday, July 19, 2010

Elena, Fabian and Maria

Several weeks ago I headed out to Palmer to do a shoot with a family referred to me by Mandy Phillips (shout out). I was already excited because it was at their ranch and it was as the sun was setting - little did I know how amazing this ranch would look like as the sun was setting :) Oh holy moly! We had some great laughs and they were all so sweet and THANK GOD Fabian had a big, hot, cowboy truck to drive us all around in - I don't know what I would of done have we had to walk all those acres in the heat. Just so you understand - Fabian and Elena are in love (been together like 5+ years - hellloooo Fabian - cough cough Elena is amazing - what are you waiting for cough cough) and then Maria is Fabians mom who was so sweet and funny - this was part of her birthday present ;)
So they are sitting where they plan to one day build a house :) loves!
Oh glorious light - I loved this field.
Elena - you are oh so pretty!
Reminds me of a old John Wayne movie. I'm weird. Ok I'm shushing now.

This is momma Maria - Happy Birthday!!!!
I seriously love horses.
love this one of mom and son - really captures how he adores her and how proud she is of him.

umm raise your hand if this picture just makes you want a cowboy...
Really I feel like Marlboro or Stetson should pay me for this picture.
This was one of my favs - It just screams sexy to me - oh lawdy!

Elena, Fabian and Maria - it was so nice meeting y'all - I had such a great time and hope to see y'all again in the future!


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