Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jones Cooper Wedding

Ok I am way far behind - I prioritize all my work and this always seems to be the last on the list! On March 6th, I had the honor of documenting Fallon and Derricks wedding! It has been a long time coming - I have been on this journey every step of the way with engagement, bridals and now the big day! To be honest when I first started my photography business I had NO intention of shooting weddings, but Fallon was one of those brides who will not take NO for a answer! haha So I decided to grant their wish and shoot their wedding - and I actually loved it! It was a learning experience and at times over - whelming, but overall it was wonderful! Since her wedding I have had numerous inquries about weddings - so thanks Fallon for making me do something I really didn't think I wanted to do! ha

 Fallon was a gorgeous bride - she was literally glowing! I arrived two hours prior to the ceremony and she was so cool, calm and collected! I was shocked! About 30 minutes before the ceremony she was getting butterflies and I could tell she was freaking out just a little - but of course she pulled it off with such grace and class (as always!). You should of heard the gasp as she walked down the aisle - yes she was glowing that much!

  Poor Derrick - unfortunately it doesn't take men NEAR as long as women to get ready so he and his 10 (yes 10! they each had 10 attendants!) groomsmen were stuck for awhile doing pictures with me! haha He was a good sport though, even if he kept telling me he didnt know he had to do SO many pictures - I just smiled and said - get over it, you will cherish these in 20 years! haha

 Everyone had such a great time - you can tell these two are surrounded by people who love them unconditionally and will have their back always.

Fallon and Derrick, I wish you a lifetime of love and laughter!Congratulations!


Wedding Details:
Location: Holiday Inn Express, DeSoto TX
Wedding Coordinator/Catering/Decorations: Felicia Leffall

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