Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Melissa Fairchild

I know what you're thinking - you are shocked to actually see a new post! I seem to do really well for awhile about writing posts and then BAM its like I cant keep up - dont worry, blog updates are already on my 2012 resolution list ;) 

I met Melissa this summer for a photo shoot. She is a life coach and wanted some new photos for her website. 
When I found out she was a Life Coach I had so many questions!  I'm surprised she didn't send me a bill in the mail after our  photo session with all the questions I was asking ;) Melissa is one of those people who instantly calms your nerves - don't ask me how - she just has a very peaceful way about her. Which is great for people like me who are high strung and dramatic! haha
Ok time out about the Life Coach business - I must say right now that I LOVE this photo! Purple looks stunning on you! Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS! Also, don't ya think Melissa looks like Helena Bonham Carter ?!?! Which by the way is one of my favorite actresses ;)

Ok so back to her job - Melissa specializes in trauma - such as dealing with a child hood experience, dealing with death, etc.. I think that is amazing! What an incredible gift to have!

So when our photo session ended Melissa offered me a free coaching session! I was excited and nervous - I mean I had no idea what we would talk about or if it would be totally awkward, but I also loved the idea of getting some advice and just to see exactly what it is she does.  When the time came we had a session over the phone. I decided to talk to her about my business - its growing like crazy, but I need to be able to pace myself and not get overwhelmed, before I knew it I was talking up a storm and Melissa had so many ideas and insights (on even how to grow my business) that I had never even thought about. I hung up the phone feeling refreshed and not so overwhelmed. It was a great experience!

I strongly encourage you to check out her website here - as I said before you dont have to go through something traumatic to talk to her - that is just what she specializes in! If you contact her please tell her I sent ya ;)

Melissa - Thank you for our enlightening coaching session - I am reminded of it frequently and it has defintely helped! You are an amazing, strong and idependent woman - I can not wait to watch as your business grows. 



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  1. I just saw this. You are awesome. Thanks so much for the post. I so love your work!

    To show my appreciation, I'd love to offer your readers a free coaching session. To schedule all they have to do is email me at

    And BTW, you Totally Rock!