Friday, September 16, 2011

Loryn & Dalton Teater

Earlier this summer I met up with Loryn and Dalton for a short session - they were less than thrilled to be there, but after I promised to make the session as quick as possible they agreed to give me their best! ha They were really just doing it for their mom - who had promised to hide the extremely outdated family photo that was hanging up in their house LOL
L & D were actually alot of fun to work with, they were both so sweet and willing to do just whatever. I seriously could of photographed these two all day - they are gorgeous with some amazing eyes!
The Teaters actually just moved here from Arkansas, the crazy thing is I have know L & D's parents for years and years - they actually use to live here and (before kids) taught at my alma mater. It was so nice to see them again and catch up.
I think this one was my absolute favorite of Loryn, seriously this girl is a heart breaker!
stud muffin!
Loryn & Dalton - it was so great meeting y'all! Thank you for being such great sports - I hope you love the pictures! ;)

Rene - it was fantastic to see you again! xo


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