Thursday, June 2, 2011

Darrell, Liz & Darrian!

I was so excited to meet this cute little family!
 We did a few family photos, but we were mainly shooting Darrians 6 month pictures! Let me just say that Darrian is a DOLL! O my word - he did not cry not once - he was all smiles. Oh I just fell in LOVE with him.
If I could sum this family up in one word it would be: "sweet" - they just have such a sweet and warm vibe! You can tell there is alot of love in their family :)

By the way - the picture above - yep, first time sitting in a big boy swing! :)
Oh bless-  check out that baby drool ;)
Darrell is training to become a fire fighter (which by the way, Darrell - if y'all ever need someone to come shoot a "fireman" calendar, I'm your girl!) haha j/k
Seriously LOVe this father/son photo - both of them wearing Jordans - I have a feeling Darrian will be shooting free throws before he starts school!
This is quite possibly one of my favorite photos from the shoot. Every time I look at it I just get a warm,fuzzy feeling. Cant you just see the love Liz has for her son in her eyes?!? Liz, you are beautiful!
Thank you guys so much for allowing me to capture this exciting time in your family! Y'all were oh so much fun! I hope to see lots more of y'all in the near future!



  1. This Is Cutee ! I Love It ,
    The Baby Is Adorraabble ! (:

  2. Omq way too cute rt maynee :)