Thursday, November 4, 2010

State Fair Mini Session {Part 1}

 While the State Fair was in town I planned a State Fair Mini Session - it was FUN (but oh so tiring!) It was actually tougher than I thought - for one the midway barkers were not as nice as I was hoping they would be - most were not ok with us taking pictures... And second, the fair was unusually crowded for a Tuesday! But overall we all had a great time and I got some really fun shots!

The Phillips Girls

Meet Kennedi, Emmerson and Berkleigh! I love this family - Mandy (their mom) and I go wayyyy back and I use to babysit Kennedi and Berkleigh quite a bit (yes, I'm that old) - you may remember their family session last November. 

Aren't these girls just absolutely gorgeous? They are all so different too - I just adore them!
They also did a few pictures with their cousins Kingston and Haivyn -

The Townsleys
Ive known Amy and Bill for several years, but this is the first time I had met their two kids - Kingston and Haivyn. Can I just say "MOST ADORABLE KIDS IN THE WORLD!" Not only are they just darling but oh what fun personalities - Kingston was perfect and always gave me the best smiles and facial expressions - just look for yourself...

Just by this picture alone - how could you not want to be best friends with this family?!?

It was actually Haivyns 1st Birthday! So of course we had to get a few bday pics!

Lastly, I leave you with this picture - really no words are needed.... 
Can someone get me some ice water? Its getting HOTT in here! ;)

I will be posting round 2 of the State Fair pics tomorrow - thought I would be considerate of those with slow computers or my mobile phone viewers by breaking it up so it doesn't take for days to load :)


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