Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Davis Family!

I'm Baacckk! I had a wonderful family cruise vacation - just wish it would of lasted longer! But I have tons to do - including a huge amount of blog posts to get posted - so first on the list - the adorable Davis family!

This family was so fun! Although the most difficult in the group was the dad! ha He was a good sport though considering all the stuff I was having them do! I absolutely adore this family! Melanie is just plain gorgeous - both inside and out - she just glows! And the boys - oh my word - Bo and Noah are just too precious - they had me laughing non stop! Although, I better be careful cause if I don't watch it Bo may take over my job! ha He had so many ideas for photos and even told me he is considering becoming a photographer - oh make my heart melt.

I'm totally diggin this one - sweet, sexy and sassy all in one ;)

See? I told you those boys are adorable!

And see? I wasn't lyin about Melanie being just plain beautiful!

I really love this family photo - and just fyi - I didn't even tell Eric to do that - score!

We took several "funny photos" but this one was one of my all time favorites of all "Stephanie Wilson Photography funny face photos" - to me it just summed up this family so well (at least what I know of them) - its perfection.

You should of seen me trying to get Noah on that old abandoned train track - poor thang - he was on the lookout for a train! haha

Eric, Melanie, Bo & Noah - thank you thank you for allowing me a glimpse into your family - y'all were so fun to work with and I hope to see y'all soon! You ROCK!


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