Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jarred & Brazos

Several weeks ago I headed out to Covington, TX to the Moody household. I had never met them, but Karla had warned me that they lived out in the country. I honestly didn't think much about it - I mean I live in Waxahachie - that's pretty country! Well, she wasn't joking - I had to laugh when I turned down a long dirt road to get to their house! ha They have tons of beautiful land with lots of horses, cows, etc... They were all so nice and fun - I had such a great time!

Meet adorable little Brazos - he was such a good sport - he rarely cried and was so laid back. His dad is a country music singer (check him out here) so it was so fitting to take some pictures of Brazos in his daddys guitar case! LOVE IT!

This is his older brother, Jarred, who was such a sweetheart! He was such a trooper and seriously, how cute is he?!? ;) He was also very reassuring when I frantically asked (as I'm standing in very tall grass) "do y'all have lots of snakes???" to which he replied "No mam, we spray" ha!

I love this one - within minutes there were cows surrounding us - isn't the sky just gorgeous?!

So Karla had told me that she wanted to get some of Brazos with his horse - for a split second I seriously thought she meant a fake horse - maybe a stuffed animal or a rocking horse - ummm NOPE! Brazos LOVES this horse - it was actually so sweet to see them interacting with each other - and I promise he was not left alone on this horse - his dad was right there (oh the joys of photoshop!).

We then walked over to the hay field - and omg take my breath away - the lighting and the sky was spectacular. The sun was beginning to set and I could of stayed out there all evening.

I was so excited when Brazos fell asleep - it was prefect timing! We got this...

I am in love with this shot - every time I look at it just makes me glad to live in Texas - look how perfect the evening sky is!

Wayne, Karla, Jarred and Brazos - thanks so much for showing me what "real country" is and for such a great time! Hope to see y'all again soon ;)


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