Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Vanek Family!

In October (yes, I'm fully aware it is almost March and that I'm so behind in my blogging its ridiculous) I met the Vaneks! I was so excited to do this session just because I couldn't wait to meet Debbie - see I had been corresponding with her through email for several months getting everything nailed down and she was just so sweet!
So now do you see why there had to be some planning for this session? Count them - 5 FIVE CINCO guys in this family - that's a whole lot to nail down! ha So i'm not gonna lie - I was nervous about this session. I mean just knowing there were 5 kids was scary enough. I have sessions, at times, that's just two siblings that go completely crazy - one is happy the other is not  - one looks at the camera while the other refuses, etc... So yeah I had already prepared myself that this was gonna be a big stretch for me.
Well I was wrong. dead wrong. This precious family absolutely blew me away. I left their session feeling inspired and overcome by the love in their family. Everyone had fun. Everyone smiled. Everyone cooperated. I have to give it to Ray and Debbie - way to parent y'all! Your guys were perfect gentlemen. 
So during the planning stages of this shoot, Debbie and I were emailing back and forth and I asked her what kinds of things they like to do as family - I suggested maybe a board or card game they like to play together? Her response? "I wish, more like tackle football..." hahaha I loved her honesty. I also loved that they brought a football and we ended the session with a little pigskin.
I absolutely love this photo - not just because of how fun and silly it is, but because I learned very early on into their session, that Debbie holds this family together - Ray is head of the house, but Debbie is in the background making sure everything runs smoothly. I loved that. I also love how much her boys love her. Im telling ya, this family has a special dynamic about them ;)
Oh goodness - isn't that just perfection? Probably on of my very favorite family pictures. 

Thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of y'alls fun family for the morning. It was a pleasure meeting each of you. Y'all are a beautiful family - both inside and out ;)



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