Thursday, April 19, 2012

Whimsey Hollow 2011

I am so glad to be finally updating! I got locked out of my blogger account - seems I had someone trying to guess my password - for what reason I have no idea. Anyways, so I am finally able to log back in. I am so far behind on blogs - but what else is new! ha

 I was so pleased with the turn out with my second annual Whimsey Hollow mini session. The all day session sold out in less than 3 hours - so fast that I opened a second day and filled that one as well! I was blown away by that to sat the least! I had some amazing kids this year and some incredible parents who had those kids dressed like rock stars! 

Also, a very special thank you to my mom and my sister for helping me set up and assisting me all day! And to my aunt and uncle - thank you again for allowing me to shoot on your land! 



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