Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cynthia, Alye & Maddy

Back in May I got SO super excited - for two reasons 1. One of my oldest childhood friends (friends since 2nd grade) was moving back to where she belongs (Waxahachie) and 2. We were doing a photo shoot with her and her two girls.

I was so thrilled about this session - until the day of - because then I thought back to year prior when Cynthia came down to visit and we had this session The session that consisted of over two hours of dirty looks, bawling, and gnashing of teeth, bribery, sweat and tears. The girls hated me and wanted me gone pronto - when we finally started getting some good shots of Alye, in the field, she then feel into a huge ant pile and the session had to end (poor baby). Cynthia and I both prayed this session would be better.

When I first got there Cynthia and I just looked at each other and took deep breaths - we already knew what each other was thinking (don't friends like that just ROCK?) To my our surprise the girls were fantastic - Alye was AMAZING - not only did she cooperate, but she was a perfect little model! Oh my heart melted. 
Oh Alye - you look so much like your mother! Can you believe those eyes? Geez Whiz this child is gonna be a heart breaker!
 Then there was this child - meet miss sassy britches Maddy. An almost two year old with the attitude of a 13 year old! haha This was the first picture I took of her - what makes it even funnier is she did not cry - she just gave me these looks - I learned real quick who was boss ;) Maddy is so full of personality and you just cant help to fall in love with her, because when she does smile - she lights up your world ;)
I LOVE this picture of Maddy & Cynthia - now you can see where these girls get their gorgeous eyes!

This photo stops me in my tracks every time.

I hope the girls cherish this picture of them when they are older - I could not love it any more.
This is basically how Maddy felt about me and my camera.

This last photo made me cry when I was editing it. I think it just captures such a sweet and tender moment between a mother and her daughters. You can really see the love and laughter they have with each other - such a strong bond. 

C, A & M - Thank you for letting capture this new chapter in your life. C - you are amazing and I have never been more proud to call you my friend! loves ya!


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