Friday, April 8, 2011

Women Mini Session: Shelley

Meet Shelley
Shelley and I actually go wayyyy back - we went to church together growing up and were pretty close. Sadly, after graduation, we went our separate ways and it had been several years since I had seen her. So I was thrilled when her sister, Shannan, scheduled a session for her and Shelley! I was really excited to get to see her and catch up! 
So let me just tell you - Shelley is this AMAZING opera singer - she is currently at Baylor, but is about to graduate. I recently went to Baylor to take pictures of her lead role as Susanna in Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro." Let me just say I was BLOWN away - Shelley sang pretty much non stop in this almost 4 hour performance and she sang it all in Italian! Umm hello - I cant even count to ten in Spanish! 
Oh and did I mention she may be going to Europe to sing before to long?!?!? 
And you know I just had to throw one in of her and her sister, Shannan! We were laughing non stop this entire shoot ;) I just adore these girls!
I really love this last picture - I love the old feel to it - it just reminds me of like 1940's glam or something. Yep I love it!

Shelley - it was SO great to see you again and catch up - lets not wait another 5+ years to see each other again! I love seeing you follow your passion and your true gifting - I cant wait to see just how far you go!


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