Friday, September 10, 2010

Newborn Session: Cameron

Last week I had the privilege of meeting adorable little Cameron, he was about 7 weeks old for his pictures and was just so sweet. Even though we didn't get any sleepy pictures we still got some great ones! He was wide eyed and laid back...

I am taking captions for this pic - I would be scared to know what he wanted to tell me if he could talk! ha! I'm sure it was something along the lines of "this is ridiculous"... you're right Cam - you are ridiculously CUTE!
Speaking of cute - meet Cameron's sister, Kaitlyn, who is 90 miles per hour all the time! She was so much fun - I seriously loved hearing all she had to say and of course, all she wanted to do was take "silly face" photos - which are the best ;)

I love feet pictures - this one just screams LOVE to me...
Ok so I really REALLY love this last pic - it stopped me in my tracks actually - I love how Cameron is holding on to his dads hand so tightly, and at the same time his dad has such a firm, yet gentle, grip on his sons hand. Just made me do some thinking...and some smiling ;)



  1. Stephanie you have a great talent. You are amazing photographer!!!! Love you girl!