Monday, January 9, 2012

Michael & Shanna Ruppert

In September I met up with Michael & Shanna for a photo shoot. This shoot was extra special because it was for their 5 year wedding anniversary! I was so excited because um HELLO 5 years is a BIG deal!
You may remember Shanna from my Women Only Session - so from that post you already know how much I adore Shanna! I had met Michael once or twice before but this was my first time to actually get to chit chat with the man. I was not disappointed - these two are perfect together and were a blast!

When they first walked up I couldn't believe my eyes - M was in a  leg brace! Ummm What the WHAT? Come to find out he had been needing foot surgery for awhile from when he was in the Air Force - he finally got it a few weeks prior and here he was in a full blown boot and crutches! He was such a trooper- I know he had to of been in pain, but yet he stuck it out and did whatever he needed to make sure we got that perfect shot (most men are not to thrilled about having pictures done in the first place - let alone when they are in pain - so Shanna he is a keeper! ha) 
He got her flowers for their anniversary ;)
Ok so remember how I told you they were a blast? Yes well, let me explain the above photo. So as a fun little idea, I brought along some chalkboards and asked them to write down one thing they have learned about each other over the past 5 years of wedded bliss. They were not allowed to show/tell each other - I had them stand there and then at the same time turn their chalk boards over. I giggled when I saw what Michael had written about his bride - but then I saw what Shanna had written and I just about peed my pants!

See the laughter above? - this explains them perfectly. They are best friends and have so much joy in their relationship that you cant help but smile when you are around them ;) I absolutely loved that about their session!

Michael & Shanna - thank you for allowing me a glimpse into your past 5 years - I wish you lots of love, laughter and smokin hot smooches in the future! (was that inappropriate?)



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  1. Thanks Stephanie!!! We really enjoyed it and had a blast with you!! Thank you so much for making it fun. You are the best!!! Can't wait till next time!!!