Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Taylor - Waxhachie High School SR 2011

I have known the Spradling family for several years now, but had never really had the chance to get to know Taylor, so I was super excited when her parents asked me to do her senior pictures! She is seriously one of the sweetest girls ever! I had so much fun with her and even though it was freakishly hot outside and we were melting she still totally rocked it! Taylor plans to attend either Texas A&M, Texas State or UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS! Yes, I am aware that I just put UT in caps. Yes, I am not an Aggie fan (but I still love my Aggie clients) and am all for her becoming a TX Longhorn! ha Did I mention this would break her fathers heart? ha I think he would give his right arm for her to become a Razorback (bleh) or go to Baylor :) Either way - whatever you choose Taylor - everyone will be proud! She plans to become a elementary teacher - which she will be perfect at, because she is so sweet and kids love her - did I mention her cute niece and nephew are Kennedi and Keaton? (scroll down a few posts). Ok I'm shushing now - Ill let the photos do the talking...

 Umm hello gorgeous!

Taylors boyfriend, Colton, plays minor league baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates, so she wanted a few in his jersey and with this adorable bear he made her - it even says "i love you" in Colts voice - yeah so stinkin cute its sickenin!

I seriously love this picture!

 And another favorite!

Stop with the hottness! GEEZ!

Taylor - Thank you so so much for allowing me to capture this special/exciting/scary time in your life - you are beautiful both inside and out! I wish you the very best of  luck!


  1. That post almost made me cry! Very sweet!
    -Amber King

  2. Thank you so much stef! That was very sweet of you to put me on here! You did a great job on the pics, we will be back soon :)