Monday, August 16, 2010

Daniel Turns One!

 A few weeks ago Amy, Emily and Daniel came down from Lufkin for Daniels one yr old shoot. I love this family! Amy is my older cousin and we could spend hours talking and telling you childhood stories that would make you wet your pants. We were seriously ridiculous, I have some of my best childhood memories with her and I love her to death! And Emily is by far one of the funniest people you will ever meet. She is a riot and I almost always laugh until I cry when I am around her - we both have a warped sense of humor :)  Ok sorry, this post is supposed to be about Daniel - this child - o my word - is a toot! He had me cracking up the whole time - he was such a great sport (even when I was sitting in the backseat with him and sticking cheerios all over his face - just for my own amusement...) He for sure knows how to work the camera!

I am in love with this picture - and I'm pretty sure he loved me when I gave him that sucker - sadly, his mean momma (Amy) took it away from him before he had a chance to finish it! ;) Don't worry Daniel there are plenty more where that came from - just like I had to sneak your mom Dr Peppers growing up I will sneak you giant suckers!

Yeah...things got a little messy with the sucker...

Emily Daniel Amy

This is one of his favorite books - love those little fingers!

This picture says it all! Here he is experiencing his first sugar rush! ha I adore him!

Happy first birthday Daniel! I can't wait to see you grow and what all life has in store for you! Always know I will forever have giant suckers and Dr Peppers for you at my house (although you will have to fight your mom over the DP - shes seriously insane.) I love love loves ya!



  1. How sweet! I love the fingers through the book pic. Fab.

  2. we love you too! thank you for all the great memories and for capturing some new ones for my precious little bubby.

  3. very sweet ! great shots and love the dynamic colors!